Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Greater Sandplover

Order - Charadriiformes
Family - Charadriidae (Plovers)
Greater Sandplover
Charadrius leschenaultii

    Size : 20–25 cm; 55–121 g; Wingspan 44–60 cm
    Subspecies and Distribution
  • Charadrius leschenaultii columbinus (Wagler, 1829)
    – Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Armenia and Azerbaijan; winters Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and SE Mediterranean.
  • Charadrius leschenaultii scythicus (Carlos, Roselaar & Voisin, 2012)
    – Transcaspia and (possibly this race) NW Afghanistan to SE Kazakhstan;
    winters NE & E Africa to W India.
  • Charadrius leschenaultii leschenaultii (Lesson, 1826)
    – W China (Dzungaria), Mongolia, S Siberia (Tuva) and Altai Mts; winters S to S Asia and Australasia, probably also E Africa.

Charadrius leschenaultii ssp. leschenaultii
Date : 15 October 2017
Location : Pantai Leka Mudflat, Mukim Parit Jawa, Daerah Muar, Johor

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