Monday, 14 August 2017

White-bellied Erpornis

Order - Passeriformes
Family - Vireonidae (Vireos)
White-bellied Erpornis
Erpornis zantholeuca

    Size : 11–13 cm; 8–17 g

    Subspecies and Distribution
  • Erpornis zantholeuca zantholeuca (Blyth, 1844)
    – N India (E Uttarakhand), Nepal, Bhutan, all NE Indian states, E Bangladesh, S China (W & S Yunnan), and throughout SE Asia (except for N & SE Thailand and N Indochina).
  • Erpornis zantholeuca tyrannulus (Swinhoe, 1870)
    – SE China (SE Yunnan and S Guizhou E to Jiangxi and Fujian, including Hainan and Hong Kong), Taiwan, N Thailand and N Indochina.
  • Erpornis zantholeuca canescens (Delacour & Jabouille, 1928)
    – SE Thailand and SW Cambodia.
  • Erpornis zantholeuca brunnescens (Sharpe, 1876)
    – Borneo, including Pulau Laut (off SE coast).
  • Erpornis zantholeuca saani (Chasen, 1939)
    – NW Sumatra.

Erpornis zantholeuca ssp. zantholeuca
Date : 13 August 2017
Location : Fraser's Hill, Mukim Tras, Daerah Raub, Pahang

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