Thursday, 15 June 2017

Order - Passeriformes
Family - Cisticolidae (Cisticolas & allies)
Dark-necked Tailorbird
Orthotomus atrogularis

    Size : 11–12 cm; 7.5 g
    (LC : Least Concern)
    Subspecies and Distribution
  • Orthotomus atrogularis nitidus (A. O. Hume, 1874)
    – NE India (from Jalpaiguri, in West Bengal, E to Assam S of Brahmaputra, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Nagaland), E Bangladesh (Chittagong Hills), also
    Myanmar (except W), extreme S China (S Yunnan), throughout Thailand
    (except S), Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.
  • Orthotomus atrogularis atrogularis (Temminck, 1836)
    – Malay Peninsula, Sumatra and Borneo (except NE).
  • Orthotomus atrogularis major (Chasen & Kloss, 1928)
    – Tioman I (off E Peninsular Malaysia), and Anambas Is and N Natuna Is.
  • Orthotomus atrogularis humphreysi (Chasen & Kloss, 1929)
    – NE Borneo.

Orthotomus atrogularis ssp. atrogularis
Date : 10 June 2017
Location : Taman Negara Pahang (Sungai Relau), Merapoh, Daerah Lipis, Pahang

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