Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Order - Passeriformes
Family - Dicruridae (Drongos)
Ashy Drongo
Dicrurus leucophaeus

    Size : 23-30 cm

    (LC : Least Concern)
    Subspecies and Distribution
  • Dicrurus leucophaeus longicaudatus (Jerdon, 1862)
    – breeds in S Himalayas from extreme E Afghanistan E to Bhutan; non-breeding at lower altitudes and through Indian peninsula (except Punjab, Sind and arid parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat) S to Sri Lanka.\
  • Dicrurus leucophaeus hopwoodi (Stuart Baker, 1918)
    – breeds in E Himalayas (E from Bhutan), SW & S China (from E Xizang E to S Guangdong), N & C Myanmar E to N Vietnam; migrates S to West Bengal, S Assam, Bangladesh, S China (Hainan) and S Myanmar, N & E Thailand and S Laos.
  • Dicrurus leucophaeus leucogenis (Walden, 1870)
    – E & C China from Liaoning S (E from N Gansu and Sichuan) to NE Guangdong; migrates to S China, N Laos, E Thailand, Cambodia, Tenasserim and Malay Peninsula (both W & E coastal plains).
  • Dicrurus leucophaeus salangensis (Reichenow, 1882)
    – SE China S of R Yangtze (to Fujian-Guangdong border); migrates S to Hainan, S Indochina, E, C & S Thailand and Malay Peninsula.
  • Dicrurus leucophaeus innexus (Swinhoe, 1870)
    – Hainan.
  • Dicrurus leucophaeus mouhoti (Walden, 1870)
    – C, SW & E Myanmar, N & E Thailand and C Indochina; migrates to S Myanmar, S Thailand and Cambodia.
  • Dicrurus leucophaeus bondi (Meyer de Schauensee, 1937)
    – W & E Thailand, Cambodia, S Laos and S Vietnam.
  • Dicrurus leucophaeus nigrescens (Oates, 1889)
    – S Myanmar (Tenasserim) and Malay Peninsula (W of Main Range) S (including Phuket I and Pinang I) to Johor; post-breeding dispersal S to Singapore.
  • Dicrurus leucophaeus batakensis (Robinson & Kloss, 1919)
    – N Sumatra (Aceh and Batak Highlands).
  • Dicrurus leucophaeus phaedrus (Reichenow, 1904)
    – C & S Sumatra.
  • Dicrurus leucophaeus leucophaeus (Vieillot, 1817)
    – Simeulue, off NW Sumatra; Java, Bali, Lombok; and SW Philippines (Busuanga, Culion, Palawan and Balabac).
  • Dicrurus leucophaeus siberu (Chasen & Kloss, 1926)
    – Siberut, off W Sumatra.
  • Dicrurus leucophaeus periophthalmicus (Salvadori, 1894)
    – Sipura and Pagai Is, off W Sumatra.
  • Dicrurus leucophaeus stigmatops (Sharpe, 1879)
    – N Borneo.

Dicrurus leucophaeus ssp. stigmatops
Date : 11 February 2016
Location : Kinabalu Park, Ranau, Bahagian Pantai Barat, Sabah

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